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It's time to solve it....


One of the main problems since the integration of CAD software in the work place in every day users' life, has yet to be solved. That is the possibility to connect Users with Manufacturers and Service Providers directly through the program in a common updated platform.

So far it is possible to download some products in different format to use them in different projects in different offices.

Nevertheless, these blocks from most of the companies, are incomplete or not standarized. That makes their use not optimal. Everybody loses time and money through this long process.

Most of the CAD programs offer the possibility to establish a connection between blocks information and a database for its analysis and cost calculation. This information is not contained in the blocks that most of the times users have to integrate by themselves.

Users surf the web looking for available and usable products and services. After evaluating them, they can choose the ones that meet their needs, call the company to establish an appointment with a salesman who will come into their office days or weeks after, with a lot of catalogues. Users choose very few of them and the hard copy catalogue will be archived somewhere in the office for future projects which normally are taking place some years after, when the product version is no longer valid or out of date.

Despite to the fact these catalogues are wasting office space and they are not environmentally friendly due to the natural resources used in their production like paper and ink, the process is repeated mostly every year. New products and/or new specifications are intregrated to manufacturers database, creating the need to print them again. But not only natural resources are wasted, every salesman has the chance to visit only two or three clients per day, without mentioning it is very complicated for the users to organise and keep organised a Digital Block Catalogue or at least it consumes a lot of human resources.

That is of course a very complex problem not solved yet... until now.




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